Sharesneakers Giveaway

11th Giveaway

1. How to participate

   1.1 Follow my tiktok+ Instagram
   1.2 Comment on Tiktok: Shoes name +@two friend
   1.3 Find me on IG to join
2.Lucky Dray
  2.1  More than 55 participants
 2.2 Winner Choose a pair of shoes

10th Giveaway(END)

Lottery Video:

1. How to Participation

   1.1 Follow my tiktok(sharesneakers.com_ss) and comment
  1.2 Upload a videos with ( and #sharesneakers)to your social platform
   1.3 Then send link or screenshot to me on ins:sharesneakers.k.k
2.Lucky Dray( More than 30 participants)
  2.1 Beijing time: At 2:00 pm on Nov.24th Posted here
 2.2 Winner Choose a pair of shoes

9th Giveaway(end)

1. How to Participation

  1.1 share any Jordan 4 link to your social platform

  1.2.Sign up with my ins:sharesneakers.k.k

2.Lucky Draw

 2.1 More than 80 participants 

 2.2 Beijing time: At 2:00 pm on Oct.31

 2.3 Winner Choose a pair of Jordan 4

(Since the number of participants is less than 80, this giveaway cannot be awarded. Please wait for the next giveaway)

8th Tiktok Giveaway

1. How to Participation: 

  Forward my tiktok video or make a related video( #sharesneakers  #sharesneaker)
2. Lucky Draw time:Reach 100 participants
  31 Beijing time (The results will post on tiktok)
3.Winner:can find me to choose one shoes

7th Blog Giveaway

Click on the picture to view details

6th Tiktok Giveaway