How to pay successful?

How to pay successful?

Reason for Card payment failure: because the bank will strictly review each payment, it may cause your payment to fail.

1. Card payment

Please fill in your information carefully and keep it true when placing an order.

A. If the payment results "Do Not Honor".pls contact your issuing bank to prove yourself paying and then release, after authorizing pls inform us to deduct payment again.

B .If payment results "High-risk". pls show the front 4 digital number and last 6 digital number picture and we will send to issuing bank again for confirmation.

👉Tips: If you still cannot pay by card, suggest change to the other payment method by below.

2.  Bank transfer

Bank transfer is easy, safe and quick, please contact customers service to get the bank info to transfer money directly. 

3. Cash App/Wise/Zelle

Please contact customers service to get the account to pay.

4. PayPal (Except US) 

If you need to pay by PayPal, maybe need to wait long time, also need to contact customers service firstly. 

Customers Service contacts:

WhatsApp: +8618059868271


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