Shipping Progress

Shipping Progress

  • Monday, 20 December 2021
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    After a period of time has passed after the payment is successful, many customers come to ask why the shoes have not been received. The customer service helps to inquire because they cannot contact you. If you have already purchased successfully, please refer to this Shipping Progress

TIP: Must leave the correct gmail or Phone that we can contact you

CS  WAHTSAPP:+86 180 5986 8271

CS  GMAIL:service@sharesneakers.com


1.1 pay by Card on website directly,we will send confirmation to you 

1.2 if you want to pay by Paypal,send message to us to get paypal invoice to pay 

Shipping ProgressShipping Progress

2. Confirmation 

 Pls check and reply to our confirmation message

Shipping Progress

3.Check and reply to QC

Shipping Progress

4.check Shipping picture all info

Shipping Progress

5.Shipping info(Delivery need 8-20days)

Shipping Progress

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